Do you need to address a specific audience ? Do you have quality adds that you want to include in quality medias ? Do you want to invest in highly targeted advertising to spread your message? One of our media partner may probably already have the audience you’re looking for and would be glad to give access to a great inventory of physical and digital ads space. Check our media partners with their related media kits or contact us directly.


Do you need to produce an impactful press release? You want to push an information to selected list of journalists or opinion leaders ? You would like to have full tracking on PR campaign results to adjust your campaign and know who to get in touch with? Our PR service can create any story for you and localize it in the necessary language to spread you message. Produced by us or not, we have the contact to sent each PR release to selected list of professional that can could be interested in your story. Last but not least, all those services are combined with a powerful emailing platform that let your see the reach of the campaign in full transparency.


Our network of partners are credible media outlets that have an existing faithful audience, enjoying those media for the unique added value they provide. Those partners are willing to publish your native advertising content and support your content marketing if the provided content is of good quality and provides value for their existing audience.
We do not disclose this list to companies that are not client or currently in discussion with us.


Our operations naturally leads us to generate large and actual databases of opt-in contacts in many verticals, both professional and consumer. To support your communication, if you comply with our ethical charter, we can provide you an access of those databases to let you run your campaign on your own with your own tools. Databases are not updated. Provided licenses are not transferable.